Vitamins For Menopause and Osteoporosis

menopauseOsteoporosis is not just an old person’s disease; however, it is no secret that primarily women in their retirement years are most often diagnosed. Men can get this bone thinning disease as well, however it is more prevalent with women and menopause symptoms. As you get older, your bones do tend to weaken and thin although osteoporosis is not the normal progression. The problem is that many people do not take precautions before this disease develops. One precautionary step you can do is to take vitamins for menopause, today food doesn’t contain the same amount of vitamins and minerals that it did just 20 years ago.

It is important to note that the reason many women develop osteoporosis is because menopause robs them of the estrogen that helps protect the bones from becoming brittle. That is not the sole cause though. These are some additional factors that weigh in when diagnosing osteoporosis:

1. A lifetime of low calcium intake contributes to weak bones as does a vitamin D definciency.
2.  White and Asian races are the primary ones that dominate the world of osteoporosis.
3.  Bad vices like alcohol addiction and smoking contribute to this disease.
4.  A genetic history of osteoporosis makes a person more likely to develop it too.
5.  Chronic illnesses, diseases and even medications can cause osteoporosis.

Retirees take note: osteoporosis does not normally present any symptoms. Most people don’t know they have it until they break a bone. Cartilage wears down and bones weaken to the point where even a vertebra might collapse. Perhaps the one indication is a gradual loss of height which most people would not recognize.

Preventing and Treating Menopausal Osteoporosis

Even before you head to the golden years of retirement, you should be taking precautions. However, if you haven’t really thought about it and a recent bone density test shows that you are in the beginning stages of this disease, there is plenty that you can do to halt its progression in its tracks. Regular doctor check-ups and screenings are important as are a healthy diet and some type of physical activity every day. Vitamins for menopause will help provide your body with the materials it needs to keep your bones strong, ask your doctor about the type of vitamins  you should take. These things will also protect you in other areas of your life as well.

* Exercise – Thirty minutes per day is optimal. Weight and strength training are great for preventing osteoporosis as well as exercises that promote better balance. Yoga, walking, Pilates and even dancing are healthy for you.
* A diet rich in vitamin D and calcium are important. Milk, dark leafy veggies, yogurt, soy products, certain fish like salmon and low fat dairy are all great sources. Of course, supplements may also be needed to get the correct daily allotment so add vitamins for menopause to your daily menopause prevention routine.
* Yearly screenings for bone density are important, especially after age 50. And if you started menopause early, the screenings should start even sooner.
* Make your home more secure and remove potential hazards that could cause you to fall. Add handrails, secure carpeting, add skid proof mats to the shower and tub and tucking away cords all help. Having good lighting in your home can also help you see obstacles in your path.

The bottom line is that a life of clean living is the best preventative measure there is against suffering from osteoporosis in retirement. However, with proper doctor’s care and preventative measures, you can halt this disease in its tracks.  vitamins for menopause

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