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What is Menopause – Help?

We all know what menopause is, but do we? We also all know that it does not seem to effect any two women in exactly the same way. Some women sail thought no real noticeable symptoms, yet others suffer with hot flashes, mood swings, and a host of other physical issues. The real secret to menopause relief seems to the acceptance of the changes that are happening, persistence and flexibility in finding treatments that work for you and a good sense of humor.

As I type this I realize that I might have death threats being put out against me. I am in no way downplaying the real emotional and physical toll that menopause takes on many. In fact I am saying that this is such a big issue for many with no real sure fire, 100% solutions that you need to respect that you are against a very formidable issue, so you are best served by strategies that are long term and aimed at preserving your health, relationships and your sanity.

The bottom line is time keeps marching on and every perky girl who ever graced the silver screen or the pages of magazines has either gone thought it or will be going thought it. Thousands before us have gone through it. It is inevitable, but out response to it is not. Our bodies might give us hot flashes, but we decide if they make us ashamed and upset that time is catching up to us or if they are a chance to laugh. You need to decide if you call it a hot flash or is it a power surge.

Acceptance is important, because it will happen no matter what, but finding solutions is very important. Talk to other woman in your family and find out what helped them with menopause. Talk to trusted girlfriends and coworkers. Research on the internet and make some simple changes, like adding soy products for the estrogen like properties in soybeans. In countries with high soybean consumption woman do not experience the same levels menopause symptoms that we have in western cultures.

Talk to your physician. Your health care providers are there for a reason. Don’t be ashamed to tell them what your problems are. They can offer treatments, alternatives, and ideas. All they do all day hear what is working and not working for people in treating this and many other conditions. Relief might be as simple as a little estrogen cream applied once a day in your case or drinking black cohosh tea. Menopause help will not come find you, so be your own advocate and find something that works for you.

Menopause Anxiety —Is it Real?

menopause4You would probably be surprised with the number of people who experience anxiety attacks on a regular basis. What may surprise you even more, however, is that many of these anxiety attacks are brought on as a direct result of menopause. Some of the changes that are occurring in a woman’s body during menopause can result in the deficiency inside of their body which can bring on menopause anxiety attacks, along with a host of other problems that need to be corrected. If you can identify why it is that you are having these problems with anxiety attacks, you will be in a much better position to overcome them permanently.

The first thing that most people who are having menopause anxiety attacks during menopause need to understand is the fact that it may be as a result of stress, rather than the result of the estrogen and progesterone levels fluctuating rapidly inside of the body. Although these hormone levels can result in a number of different problems, it is thought that a misconception about what a woman is going to go through during menopause can cause a lot of the problems that they are experiencing mentally. Educate yourself on menopause and realize that it is not the end, it is actually a beginning. This may help to reduce your stress when you do so.

If you are having menopause anxiety attacks and would like a way to be able to overcome them in many cases, there is a coping technique that I have used successfully in the past. Most women who experience anxiety attacks try to fight their way through them in order to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Believe it or not, this can actually make the anxiety more intense and it leaves you tired and unprepared to handle the next attack that may come along. I find that by riding on top of the anxiety, similar to the way that you would ride on top of a wave, the anxiety will wash underneath you and you will be able to handle it much easier.

One other thing that you may want to try is supplementing with vitamins, as this may be a problem which causes anxiety in us as we reach our older years. This is especially true of vitamin B, as our body will use it much faster as we age. Supplement with this vitamin regularly, perhaps two or three times a day and you may just see her anxiety disappear altogether.