Premature Menopause Symptoms – Has Menopause Started For You?

menopause31Did you know that the age that Menopause usually rear’s it’s ugly head is 51 in the United States. But the problem is this age seems to lower ever so slightly each year. Because of the environment we live in which includes what we eat, medical procedures and even your genetics. We are starting to see women go through menopause as early as 40.

This is known as Premature Menopause. So you must be asking what are the symptoms of this and how do I know I have it. As Premature Menopause can be mistaken for being pregnant as initial symptoms are similar. There are been a few cases where this has happened now and I do not presume they will stop there.

Premature Menopause Symptoms include all your usual culprits like Hot Flashes, Mood Swings, Sweats, Trouble sleeping at night etc… The major additional concern is that Menopause is a way of the body signaling it is ending the fertile stage of life. Which as you can already imagine means that you will struggle to get pregnant if you are trying.

The other concerning point of Premature Menopause is that it can effect your Sex Drive. At a young age this can be detrimental to relationships so always keep your partner in the know about what you are going through.

How do you Diagnose the Premature Menopause Symptoms?

I really suggest in my experience to go and see a doctor. They will usually Perform a physical exam and may draw blood to just make sure it is not another condition they might miss. Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy are the most common misdiagnosed conditions. Do not be scared if the doctor orders a estradiol level test as this is what will tell them whether the ovaries are starting to fail. If the levels are below 38 it may mean that you have started the process in to menopause.

The final test that will be performed and some say the most important is a Follicle Stimulating Hormone Test(I know it’s a mouthful). FSH for short, this hormone is what is sent around your body to get your ovaries to produce estrogen. As this slows down you will start your way in to Menopause.

To sum up if you feel you are starting to display signs of Premature Menopause Symptoms see your doctor and then start preparing for the life change known as Menopause.

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