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Menopause and Depression – What Is the Connection?

Menopause and DepressionMenopause and depression are not always associated to this time period. Many women that go through menopause find it to be a rather liberating time in their life. There are other women, however, who do not share those same feelings about this time in their life and they may even go into it with severe reservations. While some women may only feel slight changes within the body during this time in their life, others may go through a wide range of changes that can not only affect them physically, it may affect them mentally as well. That is why it is thought that over 10% of all women that go through menopause are also needing to deal with depression that they may not have dealt with before in their life.

The first thing that is important for most women to understand is the fact that the mental anguish that often associates itself with menopause is not necessarily something that is caused by physical changes within the body. It is thought by many people that these difficulties that women go through during this time in their life is actually caused by misconceptions of exactly what menopause is going to do to them. This, in itself, may be enough to help you to deal with your depression effectively, especially if you’re able to educate yourself on exactly what menopause is and what it does to the human body.

Depression may also be brought about by the changes that are going on within the body physically. Menopause and depression are a result of a reduction in estrogen and progesterone are very common during this time in a woman’s life and they may also be suffering from a lack of certain vitamins and minerals inside of the body. It is important for a woman to supplement during this time in her life in order to make sure that her body has everything that is necessary to function properly.

Something else that is very important for you to do is to make sure that you talk about your depression with somebody that will understand. There are support groups in many areas, as well as on the Internet which can help you to discuss your feelings with other women that are going through the same things. Your doctor may also be able to help you if your menopause and depression is very severe by putting you in touch with a professional that will help you to walk through the situation and perhaps to overcome it.